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The A2LN server runs on your Linux computer and is responsible for receiving notifications and displaying them using libnotify.


The easiest way to install the server is to use your package manager. See this issue for the current status of packaging.

Distribution Maintainer
Arch Linux / Manjaro (AUR) patri9ck

Alternatively, you can install it manually:

$ git clone
$ cd a2ln-server
$ sudo make install

Make sure there is Python 3.10 or newer set up on your system.

You will probably need to install all required runtime dependencies as well, either by using your package manager or by running:

$ python -m pip install -r requirements.txt

To uninstall it, run:

$ sudo make uninstall


After installation, you can run the server like this:

$ a2ln <PORT>

Replace <PORT> with the port you want to use. You must use a port higher than 1023 if you are not root.

To get an overview of all command line options, use:

$ a2ln -h

You probably want to auto-start it. Common options to do so are:

Also take a look at this Arch Wiki article about auto-starting.