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The A2LN server runs on your Linux computer and is responsible for receiving notifications and displaying them using libnotify.


There are multiple ways to install the server.

Distribution Command
Manually* see below
PyPI (pip)* python -m pip install a2ln
Arch Linux / Manjaro (AUR) git clone && cd a2ln && makepkg -sirc

*Does not install a systemd user unit file automatically. Also do not forget to add $HOME/.local/bin to $PATH.


First, clone the Git repository and check it out:

$ git clone
$ cd a2ln-server

Afterwards, use pip to install it:

$ python -m pip install .

To uninstall, use:

$ python -m pip uninstall a2ln


After installation, simply run the notification server like this:

$ a2ln

To pair a new phone, use:

$ a2ln pair

To get an overview of all command line options, execute:

$ a2ln -h
$ a2ln pair -h

Toggling Notifications

To toggle whether notifications are shown or not, a SIGUSR1 signal can be sent:

$ killall -SIGUSR1 a2ln


To automatically start the server at boot, the provided systemd user unit file can be used:

$ systemctl --user enable --now a2ln

Other options are:

Also take a look at this Arch Wiki article about autostarting.